Knedl & Kraut - Toni Bartl Projekte

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Knedl & Kraut - Pub cabaret "Lachlederne Wirtshausmusi"
"Im Wirtshaus bin i wia z' Haus" goes the old saying, which means: "When I'm at the pub I'm home" And if you also bring your own pub lounge with you - just like the Knedl & Kraut trio do - that's when you really feel at home.
Toni Bartl, Daniel Neuner and Juri Lex banter back and forth at the regulars’ table, sing their lively drinking songs and play with such virtuosity that they literally rock the place!
The three musicians are passionate in their fight against the extinction of the famous German Stammtisch and, in their own way, really bring the traditions of friendly banter, singing and music-making back to life. Together they cleverly bridge the gap between the customary and the contemporary.

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