Alpin Drums - Toni Bartl Projekte

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Toni Bartl's Alpin Drums - "The mountains grooves!"
This quartet of professional musicians presents a virtuoso display of the whole range of percussion artistry, and their mix of banter and brio makes sure it goes off with a bang!
They drum on everything they can get their hands on until sticks, mallets and beaters are aglow and until the tensions erupts and the audience is left speechless. Alpin Drums showcase this level of precision with the now world famous piece "Blechlawine" ("metal avalanche"). The highlight from the first part of the raucous and energy-filled show had over 30 million views on Facebook. Then came a series of guest appearances on TV shows and performances all over Europe and even in Oman.
Alpin Drums specialises in creating spectacles on the client’s products and we are delighted to offer this service to you too!    Sample video >>
Alpin Drums' new cooking show - Sound of kitchen!"  >>

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