Decision-making support

All nations, walks of life and age groups are equally thrilled by our shows, that’s why our programmes are basically suitable for every event – also for major events using large screen showings.

To make your decision easier, here you can find the programmes categorised:

Recycling, sustainability, environment
All Toni Bartl shows are based on the principle of “Home Recycling” in that everyday things thrown on the scrap heap extend their life as comical musical instruments on the stage. Particularly appropriate to these subjects are the programmes Recyklang and Alpine Bulk RubbishThe shows vary in length from 8 – 90 minutes.

The Alps, Bavaria
As the son of a Bavarian hill farmer who, at the same time, was a musical legend in the Alpine region, Toni Bartl’s love of its mountains and passion for music were so to speak passed on from a young age. He has staged the energetic Multimedia-Drum show Alpine Drums which tours with great success as private events or in public theatres. There is also a special Compact version of this with “rapid-build scenery” and integrated video projection.
The Alpin Drums-Begrüßungs-Show.

The Duo-Programme, the Alpine Bulk Rubbish, which fits into every Alpine cabin is meanwhile famous and notorious. This crazy show spectacle has enchanted with well over 1000 performances and exudes its very own “Alpine Charm”.

With Knedl & Kraut we offer you original, Alpine ambient music: this historical inn music with old instruments and costumes is the only parlour music which brings its own pub interior with it! Knedl & Kraut is just perfect as an additional programme to the other shows or as welcome music to the Alpine aperitif.

We can give your event a festive historical touch too with a very authentic King Ludwig impersonator (Andy Asang). 

Show programmes for the automobile industry are rather thin on the ground. The workshop show Auto di Takt encapsulates this all the more appropriately. With plenty of music and petrol in the blood, two “Musichanics” conjure an extravaganza onto the stage which can hardly be bettered in terms of musicality, virtuosity and originality! The show can also be integrated entirely or in part into  Recyklang. Ideally suited to this show highlight is the Rock’n’ Roll of The Roadmasters. In this authentic band one of the musicians is Andy Asang who is also one half of Auto di Takt.

Crowd entertainment
Our audience participations are very popular e.g. percussion workshops with professional percussion teachers, the mad soup spoon crash course and the concert-like cow bells interaction which makes your guests into their own big band!