Crowd entertainment:

Percussion Workshop
Our percussion workshops with professional percussion teachers are often booked as light relief as part of the most diverse events. Each guest receives a percussion instrument which can be individually branded with their logo and, at the same time, serves as a “give-away” for your guests.

Crash course in soup spoons
Our soup spoon course ensures a great atmosphere. Your guests each receive a pair of soup spoons so they can learn under professional guidance how to turn this simple piece of cutlery into an effective rhythm instrument!

Cow bells crowd entertainment
With our cow bells interactive session your guests will become their own big band straight away! Each person receives a tuned cow bell with coloured marking. The “band master” then indicates with a projector the colour necessary for the tune and all the people with the identical colour marking on their bell then shake it. Soon the room doesn’t sound like a mountain-side cattle round-up any more but rather like a huge cow bells band!