Alpine Ladies ShowAlpine Ladies Show

Three busy village gossipers meet in the farmhouse parlour to do some knitting. By chance, they discover their musical talent and it's not long until they’re no longer just chatting around the sewing box but grooving with it.

And not only grandma's old little sewing boxes are being turned into fancy instruments but also washboards, folding stools, mops, plungers and other household items are finding a new – acoustic – function. Well-known evergreens also figure in the stage spectacle: 2 vacuum cleaners pipe "das bisschen Haushalt" detergent tubes play "Kalinka", three rubber gloves play "Que Sera" and rubber udders are milked melodically. Sassy vocals and skillful yodeling are the crowning points of these alpine fun!

Show length 10 - 20 minutes.